Collection – 35SqFt – Band 2

The price to collect your belongings and move into your 35SqFt Self Storage room from Postcode Band 2 will be £116.40 incl VAT.

Please read the quote conditions to check this price can apply to you.

An additional man can be supplied at £60.00 incl VAT.

If you would like to book a collection please complete the details below. It is important that
correct information is given as an abandoned collection due to inaccurate information will be non – refundable

Collection Enquiry

Please note, this insurance cover will cease once the goods have been delivered into your Self Storage Centre unit and your Self Storage policy will take effect

Band 2 Postcodes

OX5, OX13, OX14, OX20, OX28,OX29, OX33, OX44

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