Packaging materials

If you are interested in purchasing any of the items listed below, please call us on 0800 220219/01865 740705 or email us.

Family Pack

The largest of our packs, it offers our greatest discount. You will save over 23%. Ideal for 3-4 bedroom house, large flat or if your moving your belongings into one of our Storage units.

Sales Price: £75.79

Starter Pack

With this great pack you save over 23%. Ideal for first time buyers. 1-2 Bedroom homes, Flats & Small Apartments.

Sales Price: £52.60

Student Pack

Wow – save over 22% compared to buying our products individually. Whether your just starting University? On a gap year? Shipping your possessions home? Going on that once in a lifetime world trip?

Sales Price: £23.20

Handy Carton

19″ X 14″ X 14″( 47cm X 35cm x 35cm )

Sales price: £2.16

General Carton

18″ X 18″ X 20″ (46 cm x 46 cm x 50cm) 4 cu.ft

Sales price: £3.36

Wardrobe Carton

18″ X 18″ X 50″ (46 cm x 46 cm x 125 cm)

Sales price: £8.40

Archive Carton

16″ X 12″ X 10″ (46 cm x 46 cm x 25 cm) 1.1 cu.ft. Used for all archive and document storage.

Sales price: £2.64

Protective Blanket

Sales price: £6.00

(per blanket)

Biodegradable Loosefill/Peanuts

0.8 Cubic ft Bag

Sales price: £4.80

Bubble Wrap Rolls

1.2M X 5M = £6 1.5M X 10M = £10.80

Sales price: £6

1.2M X 5M = £6 1.5M X 10M = £10.80

Sales price: £10.80

Premium Combination Padlock

Sales price: £9.60


Standard Padlock

Sales price: £7.20

Packing Paper

Sales price: £6.00

Mattress Covers


Sales price: £3.60


Sales price: £4.80

Roll Of Tape

Sales price: £1.80

Roll Of  “Fragile” Tape

Sales price: £2.04

Foam Corner Protectors

Sales price: £4.80

Snap off Safety Knife

Sales price: £3.36

Tape Gun

Includes a roll of tape.

Sales price: £8.40

Marker Pen

Sales price: £1.80

Armchair Cover

Pack of two.

Sales price: £4.80

2/3 Seater cover

Sales price: £4.80

Actual products may vary slightly from images.